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Sin and Virtue: Private Investigators

Sin and Virtue: Author's Notes

Sin Sin is a girl with patience that overlaps a deep sadness. She's not a people person, so Virtue does most of the talking. She can blend in, however, in many places Virtue would stand out. And even though she has problems talking and getting talked to by normal people, eccentric and odd types tend to warm to her almost immediately. She does most of the work.

Virtue A little selfish, but generally good at heart, Virtue can get onto almost anybody's first name basis almost immediately, except for the type of people who take to Sin (which is all very convienient). Quick to anger, and not always living up to her name, this chubby girl takes her job seriously. Okay, so not as seriously as Sin does, but seriously enough.

The Author Who is this mysterious "Author"? Nobody knows. And if they do, they aren't sayin'.

Jerry Son of the Ruler of the Underworld himself, Jerry picked a name and an identity and is trying (but failing) to pass as a human being. Perhaps it's the hawaii shirts and sandles he wears all year long even though he lives in Canada, or perhap's it's the horns and goatee, but somehow he stood out long enough to meet Sin and Virtue.

Balance He? She? Nobody is sure what gender balance is, and many call him/her whatever they deem worthy. This cloaked emblem of mystery would like nothing better than a tea party with select stuffed animals and her/his pet rabbit. Oh, and Cake, of course. But despite this, s/he gains valuble information which s/he gladly tells Sin and/or Virtue in exchange for cute things.

The Translator Imagine if you were a good-looking law student who suddenly got the ability to speak every single language and dialect concievable, and be able to read, write and understand them all as well. Then you would be in the Translator's shoes when he first got his powers. It's been a few years, but working as a Translator for all sorts of things has paid off. He still enjoys exchanging information and favors with a certain pair of PIs though...

The Priest What's a paranoid Anglican priest going to do when he overhears interesting information? Discretely tell it to one of two trusted people, of course!

Maple Leaf Canada's key patriotic superhero, Maple Leaf is generally considered incompetent, and his odd rays-from-hands-with-different-effects powers aren't usually aligned with Canada. In fact, the only maple leaf on his costume is on the badge. When he isn't barely saving Canada from supernatural threats, Maple Leaf presumably has some sort of lame "Secret Identity". Still, he has helped Sin and Virtue a few times and vice versa.

Miss Mountie Miss Mountie is a retired superheroine who used to be the apple of Canada's eye before she went crazy and became a supervillain. How she is linked to our heroines and where she is now is unclear.

Mr. V.V.Vanders Mr. Victor V. Vanders is rich, smart, and completely evil. His nefarious deeds often bring him up against our Investigators, but how and why?

Name in progress... A non-superpowered vigilante of the night... or so he thinks. In fact he does have a superpower... mystical cape powers! Yes, his cape defies gravity! But what use is that?

Sin and Virtue: Investigator's office's profiles

Name: Sin
Birthday: September 7th
Gender: Female
Job: Private eye
Family: -information missing- [Morgana's notes: Sin took this information out of the files herself]

Name: Virtue
Birthday: July 17th
Gender: Female
Job: Private eye
Family: Mother, father (divorced), step siblings (Chris and Hope)

Name: Jerry
Birthday: October 31st -unconfirmed-
Gender: Male
Job: Tourist (?), informant
Family: Father, any others unknown

Name: Balance
Birthday: -information missing-
Gender: -information missing-
Job: Informer, spy -unconfirmed-
Family: Possibility

Name: -top secret- [Morgana's notes: known as the Priest]
Birthday: January 1st
Gender: Male
Job: priest
Family: Mother (mental institution)

Name: [Morgana's notes: known as the Translator]
Birthday: December 31st
Gender: Male
Job: Official translator, informant
Family: -information missing- [Morgana's notes: They don't live in the city)

Name: Maple Leaf
Birthday: -information missing- [Morgana's notes: May 24th)
Gender: Male
Job: Superhero
Family: -information missing- (identity is secret)

Name: Victor V. Vanders
Birthday: January 14th
Gender: Male
Job: Millionaire, politician [Morgana's notes: Never won an election]
Family: Four wives (Catherine, Anne, Jane (deceased or divorced) and Kitty), three sons (Victor jr, Edward and George)

Name: Miss Mountie
Birthday: June 6th
Gender: Female
Job: Superheroine (former), Supervillain (currently in jail)
Family: -information missing- [Morgana's notes: This is a lie]

Name: [Morgana's notes: I haven't thought of it yet... ^^;]
Birthday: November 25th
Gender: Male
Job: Superhero [Morgana's notes: And High school student]
Family: -information missing- (Identity is secret)